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UK Business Gas Comparison

Whether you're looking to switch gas providers, or you just want to compare prices for a new property, we've gathered all the information you need.

Finding the information that you need is an easy task with our guide below. Business gas can be particularly expensive, especially if you're heating a larger space. Depending on the energy supplier you're with, you could save hundreds by switching to a different supplier.

We're going to help your business save money with an easy-to-follow guide so that you can compare business gas prices conveniently. And, what's more, is that we'll demonstrate just how smooth the entire switching process can be!

We help you to compare quotes for commercial gas in under 60 seconds. That's right, in just a minute, you could have the perfect fixed term contract deal. You can also talk to our energy experts online if you'd prefer to speak to a human; we'd be happy to help with your commercial gas needs.

Should you Renew or switch your gas supplier?

The big question of whether you should switch business gas supplier or renew is one many business owners have. Business gas bills can quickly amount to huge amounts, especially if you aren't on a business gas tariff that isn't good value for money.

When taking out business gas contracts, you will be usually locked in for a set period of time. Generally, this period is at least 12 years, or one year, with the option to renew or switch after. Many business owners choose to stick with suppliers, even if they are paying huge bills, simply because the switching process can be daunting.

If you're coming towards the end of your business gas contract, you may have the above question on your mind. There are both pros and cons that come with either decision, but it's always a good idea to have information to hand before making your decision about your business gas supplier.

Pros to Consider - Switching Business Gas Suppliers

When you switch, you may be eligible for a discount

Many business gas suppliers will offer new customers a discounted rate for a fixed period.

Business Gas Prices May Be Cheaper

If you're looking to save money, you may find that after you switch, your gas prices are far lower.

Business Gas Contracts Could Be Shorter

You could benefit from a shorter business gas contract, giving you more flexibility in the long-term.

Energy Companies May Offer Other Services

When you switch business gas supplier, you may be offered other energy services that could help you save, such as electricity.

Pros and Cons to Consider - Renewing Your Business Gas Contract

You Could Save With a Discount

The longer you stay with a gas supplier, the more likely they are to give you discounts for being loyal.

You Will Know What to Expect

when you stay with your supplier, you will have an understanding of how they operate, what your contract entitles you to, and the gas rates.

As you can see, there are things to consider for either sticking with or switching your gas supplier. By weighing up the pros of each, you'll have a better idea of what could work for you and whether it is worth the big switch.

What's more, is that it only takes about a minute to use our tool. We will ask you to provide some simple information about your business before presenting you with personalised quotes. When you see a quote that appeals to you, we help you make the switch and save money on your future energy bills!

Start comparing quotes today to see how much you could save. We guide you through every step of the process and promise to present you real-time data based on the most recent information provided by energy suppliers.

How can Business Energy UK help you save money on your business gas?

Over the years, we have built up a big customer following because we prove we care about businesses saving money on their gas. We've got pretty tight relationships with many gas suppliers, which enables us to offer you the most competitive gas prices.

Business Energy UK can help you to save money on gas prices with their great value gas prices. By using our tool, you'll be able to compare prices offered by different energy companies. When you compare business energy with Business Energy UK, we provide you with clear data to help you see how you could save on your business gas plan.

You'll be able to view the following with our comparison tool:

  • The type of contract that you could be eligible for
  • Various rate tariffs
  • Information on energy use
  • Contract rates
  • Gas quote per kwh

When we present you with a quote, it's easy to apply to switch suppliers. All you need to do is click on the quote you are interested in, and we'll be in touch to begin the switching process.

We make business energy comparison as easy as possible. When you visit our site, we only require some basic information from you. We then present the very best value deals for you to choose from with a fast, simple, and free tool to use. In under 60 seconds, you'll be matched with the UK market's best energy quotes.

When comparing deals, we make sure to include all possible suppliers that could help you to save money on your gas. We include the UK's Big Six (the top six energy suppliers in the country) and smaller companies. Once you are presented with this information, you can easily tailor your results to suit your business's needs for personalised quotes.

As your contract comes to an end with your current supplier, you will be contacted to inquire about renewal. At this point, you then have the option to switch. By comparing commercial energy deals, you'll be able to see where you can make great savings on your business gas. We offer the most accurate business energy comparison data to help you find the best value contract for your money.

Happy with your current supplier? No problem

When you consult our experts regarding your business energy prices, we always provide transparent information. This means that if you find that you're happy with your current energy supplier after reviewing gas prices, we won't hassle you.

We understand that different energy companies work for different types of businesses. If your business energy supplier already keeps you satisfied, that's not a problem at all. We just make it easy to compare business energy plans conveniently and with ease.

With this said, we think it's important that you can review the various options available to you with ease. So, no matter whether you want to switch suppliers next week or next year when you visit our site, you can find quotes and much more simply and quickly.

Business Energy Suppliers, tariffs and prices per kwh

If you're looking for concise information on business gas rates and the different types of gas supply tariffs, we've got you covered. The table below shows what you can expect to pay when switching supplier based on prices per kwh.

Gas Supplier Price per kWh Standing Charge Annual Cost
British Gas 9.4p 75.1p £2,630
British Gas Lite 9.4p 45p £2,508
EDF Energy 9.9p 25p £2,564
Smartest Energy 9.1p 30.6p £2,369
Scottish Power 8.8p 30.6p £2,308
Total Energies 10p 150.6p £3,044
Valda 9.6p 42.7p £2,556

Prices last updated: July 2023, based on two-year business contract commencing on July 1st with of 25,000kWh annual usage - Prices reflect a live market and are subject to fluctuation. / Source: Gov UK

How easy is it to switch suppliers?

Switching your business gas supplier may seem like a daunting task, but it needn't be. With our comparison tool, you can review the different business gas rates to make a decision. Once you have compared business energy prices, you can make the switch smoothly.

Of course, switching between commercial suppliers is different from simply setting up a new gas and electricity contract for a household. However, it shouldn't put you off the idea completely - after all; you can make great savings!

You will be required to approach each business gas supplier individually to determine the business gas prices they can offer. Using our tool, you'll get a great idea for gas and electricity quotes ahead of contacting different suppliers. Once you've contacted a supplier, they will assess your business based on a number of factors which include the following:

You'll be able to view the following with our comparison tool:

  • Your business' location
  • Your current energy consumption habits
  • Your business type
  • Your business size
  • Your business' credit history

Once the above information has been gathered, the business gas supplier will then provide a business gas deal. This type of bespoke service has its benefits, namely that you will get the best deal to suit the needs of your business.

It can, however, be difficult to identify which tariff best suits your needs, which is where we come in to help. Here's an overview of the common gas tariffs for small to medium-sized businesses:

Fixed-rate tariff

Fixed rate business tariffs allow a customer to pre-agree the unit rates with a business energy supplier. You will only pay these rates throughout the contract agreed with your supplier. Ensure that you compare the different rates available before signing up for a fixed rate tariff contract with a supplier.

Rolling contract

A rolling contract will tie you into a year-long contract that is based on inflated rates. At times, you will be able to negotiate new contract terms, which mean lower rates; however, they will not be as competitive as you may be able to find elsewhere on the business gas price market.

Deemed rate tariff

With deemed rate tariffs, you agree to a tariff based on 28-day rolling terms, which come into place if you fail to agree on a new contract with your supplier before the deal ends. You can expect inflated rates, but you will have the freedom to switch from these tariffs so long as you give 28 days of notice.

If you're already on either a deemed rates or rollover contract, you could be paying very high business gas prices. This means that you should look into switching supplier as soon as you can! We can help you to switch supplier and find the best contract deal for your business easily. Finding a business gas deal has never been easier.

Gas Energy
Prices for large

Business Energy UK allows you to compare business gas prices for businesses of all sizes.

We understand that finding good business gas quotes can be a stressful task in itself, especially if you don't know where to begin! If you want to find a wide range of business gas plans that could work for you, we make it easy to do just that.

The great news is, even if you're looking for a business gas quote for a larger business, you can find great deals too! Our energy experts have gathered the information for the best business gas suppliers in the UK to help you make savings on your gas.

Simply use our comparison tool, and you'll be presented with the best quotes and information based on the different tariffs available. So, no matter whether you're looking for an energy deal for a micro business or mega business, Business Energy UK can assist you!

For larger businesses, energy bills can easily add up, especially if you are currently on a non-competitive tariff. Many businesses fail to take advantage of the lower tariffs on offer simply because they are not aware. When you use our tool, you can easily review all of the data available and get personalised quotes in just a matter of seconds.

Why should you use Business Energy UK?

We're the energy experts that can help you find the best business gas deal out there! We've made it as straightforward as possible to visit one site and get all the information you need.

Whether you're looking for a new fixed term contract for your business or you want to compare prices, at Business Energy UK, you can find all the information that you need.

As the top energy experts in the UK, we make it easy to find a business gas plan that suits your needs. You can view the best competitive quotes in the UK and find a supplier that you can trust. Though agreeing to a contract may seem daunting, we prove that commercial gas doesn't need to break your wallet.

Choose Business Energy UK to find prices that work for your business needs. Business customers can find fantastic contract rates in just several steps when using our comparison tool. We use real-time data to identify the best deals for your business type. This means you won't find quotes as competitive as the ones we offer anywhere else!

Here are our top tips on finding the most competitive tariffs:

Switch before you start a rollover contract

Rollover contracts are far more expensive than fixed term options. You can even expect up to a 100% increase when you stick to a rolling contact.

End your current contract correctly

You will need to terminate your contract formally when it reaches its deadline. Be sure to review the contract's terms and conditions to get an idea of how to proceed.

Compare the best deals using our tool

When you compare the different deals available to you, your business will make great savings. You'll be able to find the best value deal for your gas needs.

Switch to green business gas

As sustainability and green energy is becoming more of a pressing priority for businesses in the UK, we can help you to compare green electricity and gas prices. Green energy is becoming more affordable than ever, with major energy companies such as Npower providing green energy.

If you have never had a green gas energy plan before, below, we cover exactly what green energy is and what it means for your business expenses.

Green business gas is gas that is sourced in a renewable way. For many businesses in the UK, this includes sourcing gas from plants and animal waste. Yes, you really can power your business using green energy!

Understandably, you may have to pay more for green gas for your business. However, this isn't always the case. With our comparison tool, you can find fantastic rates on green energy from a range of suppliers. Whether you want to stick with a bigger commercial gas supplier such as Npower or want to go with a smaller supplier; there are many different options.

To find out more about green business gas, use our tool to compare green gas fixed term contracts, electricity, and much more.

Green energy and gas are expected to power the future. Major energy providers such as British Gas are already taking steps to provide their customers with more green energy than ever. By replacing regular fossil fuels with green, sustainable energy, we can expect emissions in the UK to drastically decrease for a healthier and happier future.

By choosing a green energy tariff, you will play a part in creating a better planet. More and more businesses today choose to use green energy as they make commitments to becoming more sustainable in their operations. For manufacturing companies, green energy is especially important as these types of businesses use more energy than most.

Business Gas FAQs

Do you still have questions about commercial gas rates for your type of business? Perhaps you want more details on energy use within business premises and what to expect. Below, you'll find more information on what to expect when you switch suppliers and what the process entails.

To get cheaper gas rates, you often have to carry out your research. However, when you visit our website, we make it super easy to find and compare quotes. If you're about to renew a contract with your gas supplier, you should make it a priority to compare quotes as you may be able to find a cheaper deal! Most of the time, you can make great savings with a fixed term contract instead of a rolling contract. Many businesses could be losing out on cheaper commercial gas simply because they're not sure how to switch or whether the process is worth it at all.

Many different factors need to be taken into consideration to give a gas price quote for your business. Depending on your business location, size, gas history, and other factors such as credit history, you will be given different quotes. Prices will vary from supplier to supplier. Therefore it's important to assess the different types of term contracts that you've been offered. When using our tool, you'll be able to review business gas prices easily.

When you switch gas suppliers on a commercial level, there will be some administration involved. With our comparison tool, you can save money, and it's free to use. All you will need to do is provide some basic information about your business, so our energy experts can gather the best quotes. We compare tariffs from every business gas supplier out there and present the best options and compare independent and smaller companies. Once you have found a contract that works for you, we'll help you make the switch so you can start saving money.

If you've found a fantastic deal and you're ready to switch over, you may be wondering how it all works. The great news is that switching isn't a difficult task. Most of the work will be taken care of for you. You will need to apply online to switch your supplier and being benefitting from saving money. Here's how we help you to switch business gas providers in the UK:

  1. We provide the data to help you compare different tariffs available to you
  2. You receive personalised quotes in seconds once you submit your business information
  3. We arrange the switchover with the business gas supplier once you have made your decision

Your business energy bills can make up a very large portion of your overall operational costs. And, you could be overpaying for your gas without even realising! We make it simple and easy to identify where you can save such costs and help you switch over. As a one-stop-shop for comparing energy costs, you can find quotes that are suitable and in line with your budget. To switch gas suppliers, all you need to do is provide some information, and the rest of the process will be completed for you by our friendly team. If you have any questions about the process, contact our team who will be happy to help!

Comparing different gas suppliers can be difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools or expertise. We make it simple to review the information and compare prices to see where you could be making valuable savings. If you feel that you want to stick with your current supplier even after comparing quotes available on our site, that's not a problem! You'll never be hassled into switching; rather, we simply want to present clear information to our business. Simply put, if you've never used our comparison tool before, you could be missing out on a quick and easy way to identify where you can be saving money on your energy tariff.