About Business Energy UK

Business Energy UK provides small and medium-sized businesses assistance with reducing their business gas and electricity bills.

Some companies simply allow their contracts to roll over, incurring 45% increases or more, yet we give our customers the ability to search the market, so they do not fall into that trap. Using our 60 second quoting system, you save time and money while making sure energy expenditure is efficiently managed.

We are offering advice free of charge via a free phone number during normal business hours between 8.00am and 5.30pm. In addition to your contracts, our experienced staff can help you switch providers or find the most efficient meter. For those who have recently taken over premises, it is essential to consult a broker regarding the change of tenancy arrangements.

We are 100% independent of any energy supplier

Despite our relationship with all the suppliers in the UK, we remain 100% independent for your needs. We will not recommend one supplier over another due to commission payments. Our objective is to simply present you with viable options matching your requirements.

All our systems are in compliance with the current industry regulations regulated by Ofgem.

We welcome your feedback on any of our services.